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"Yoga is a practice of compassionately meeting yourself exactly where you are.

It's an intimate space of exploration where we peel back layers and release what no longer serves us so we may self-actualize our fullest potential and embody all we are destined to be." 

I am passionate about sharing this practice with others because it has personally helped me cultivate healing, renewal, and transformation within my life...over and over again. From providing me with tools that regulate the sympathetic nervous system, to recently helping me process the death of my daughter, practicing yoga has completely changed my life. No matter what challenges I face, the practice reminds me that the key to my healing & liberation lies within. 

In an age of collective chaos and disorder, I believe it is crucial that we take steps to prioritize healing our bodies and returning to balance. 

I invite you to step outside your comfort zone & join me on the journey to wholeness.

I look forward to meeting you there.

Virtual Classes


1:1 & Small groups.

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"Clarissa is a beautiful soul who radiates a spirit of goodness.  Her authenticity gives me permission to trust and relax which admittedly are challenges for me.  Clarissa creates and maintains a space of safety and acceptance which has allowed me to go within to hear and connect to the inner voice of God which affirms my value and directs my path to staying true to the purpose that God has for me."


kimani, los angeles

"Clarissa's easy-going approach to her students is mainly why I take her class! Her dedication to her own practice as well as her patience and encouragement within a community has made a huge impact in my personal practice in many ways. I look forward to the end of every class knowing that I have, even for a moment, used the tools she shared to gain more grace, ease, presence, and power in my life. Clarissa's commitment to self-discovery and truth is at the core of every class and I am grateful to have her as a guide.​"



"Clarissa is a phenomenal yoga teacher and a wonderful individual. I have had the opportunity to take group classes and one-on-one sessions with her. My yoga practice has improved because of her guidance and thoughtful instructional methods. In private sessions, she tailored the instruction to my needs, while ensuring I was making the most of my practice. In group settings, I have enjoyed the flexibility that Clarissa offers so that you are able to work at your own pace and modify the movements. The flow of her classes and the transitions between different poses are always seamless. Clarissa's delightful personality, coupled with her meditative teaching style has made her a popular and beloved yoga instructor.

 AFSHAN, New Jersey

"Coming back home to Paterson after moving away years ago always brought back memories of stress and tension. Watching Clarissa live and move through this city with quiet strength and wisdom was a beautiful gift. She walked me through intention and recognition, giving me space to work through my issues and feel more free and at peace here than I ever did when I lived in Paterson. "


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