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teach me: a letting go of material security

Everyone I cross paths with has potential to be my teacher. All that is required is a willingness to listen deeply and a receptivity to the lessons and gifts our interaction brings.

I recently journeyed to the homeland of my ancestors where I attracted a mirror who reflected both the boundlessness of my potential and the limitations I have created within my life. Upon our meeting, I was unclear as to why we crossed paths however; intuitively, I felt connected to there being a lesson meant for me to learn. Instead of obsessing over the why, a pattern I often get caught up in, I remained present, aligned with Source, asked for guidance, and trusted in my inner-knowingness. I surrendered the desire to have control of the situation and trusted that I was exactly where I needed to be. Everything else would reveal itself in divine time.

A few days past since my return home to the states and it is now that the dots are starting to connect. Reflections from my experience has shed light on what I needed to see yet have remained blinded to up until now. Exposure to this mirror served as a reminder that everything I want to see happen in my life is possible no matter how unorthodox it may seem. Living on my own terms and moving in alignment with my heart’s desires can be simple yet, it requires letting go of contradictory thoughts, patterns, and habits that get in the way. In their liberation, this teacher shined light on where I’ve created a cage for myself and where there remains room for growth.

Attachment to this idea of material comfort being an absolute form of security has been something I’ve been working through for a few years now. Intellectually, I understand why this pattern runs so deep yet, it has been one of the hardest things for me to let go of. I am a descendant of individuals who grew up in poverty yet were privileged to experience social mobility and thus constantly sought to provide my siblings and I with opportunities they never had. Because of the struggle that came along with their upbringing, my parents were especially susceptible to negative effects of advertising. Knowing first hand what it was like to not have much of anything, made them vulnerable to capitalistic agendas that condition us to hoard and thus be limited by material goods out of fear that we will never have enough.

I say this because as their child, I inherited this level of consciousness and am constantly trying to unlearn related patterns that no longer serve the highest evolution of my soul. Since becoming aware of this, I have made leaps and bounds in replacing scarcity consciousness with that of abundance yet, I am truthful and know there are days where I find myself replaying the old pattern. Scared to take risks, fearful of letting go, and holding on to things longer than I should - all because we live in a society that promotes material comfort as security and success. This way of thinking is something neither I nor my parents chose; it’s an idea many of us have been programmed into believing because we are a vulnerable population in which the elite profit from.

To bring things full circle, said teacher shed light on how important it is for me to let go of this outdated paradigm - especially if I want to continue creating a life that’s aligned with my Highest Self. I was also reminded of the importance of storytelling & how sharing my experiences gives voice to OUR collective story. One we seldom hear.

“The personal is political is spiritual” is a quote I live by. All of our experiences are rooted in systems bigger than ourselves & we’ll see that everything is connected if we simply open our [eye] and take a deeper look within.

To the radiant beam of light: thank you for holding space for me. You gifted me an opportunity to revisit a simple yet profound truth.

The best things in life, truly, are free.

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